Hedge Pro Solutions
Fund Administration and Accounting Software Made Easy. FASS: Fund Administration Solutions Software. Developed for Fund Managers, Outsourced CFOs and Third-Party Administrators. We're Accountants too. We understand the need for straightforward, efficient tools that get the job done.
Complex Accounting, Made Simple. No more emailing other departments to collect information. No more re-entering information from other departments. No more spreadsheets. No more individually outputting reports. Finally there is fund administration software that makes your job faster and easier! Fund Administration Solutions Software (FASS) uses a straightforward approach, eliminating overly complicated menus while still providing complex functionality and fee calculations.
Every fund is different. We offer the flexibility to accommodate complex allocation and fee structures. Whether it is a Master-Feeder fund, Private Equity, Blended Hurdle, Tranche accounting, or more, we've got you covered.
Many of our processes are automated via the click of a button. No more tedious and complicated calculations. You can can run allocations and fees with a single click! Reporting is simplified - you can generate your entire financial statement package with a single click!​​
Flexible Handling
Integrated Systems
Efficient Processing
​Our software consolidates Banking, Investor Services, and Fund Accounting into one centralized, user-friendly system. This not only saves time, but eliminates duplicate entries that many other systems require.

Our support team has experience in the fund accounting industry and understands the issues you face. They are also part of our development team. So as you encounter issues and have questions, they are there to help in ways other software support cannot.

Knowledgeable Support