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Our team started this journey as Accountants.

Our team started this journey as Accountants working in Fund Administration. We were tired of using products that were difficult to use, and often produced incorrect allocations and fees. We were tired of constantly creating spreadsheets to calculate or verify information. So we set out to create a simple solution and something happened. We realized that this could be a solution for other departments as well. The end result was a single software solution that dramatically decreased the time to process funds. And not just for us Accountants, but for our Banking and Investor Services departments as well!

Our staff has over 40 years combined accounting experience and over 20 years combined experience in the fund administration industry with graduates from University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, and University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. Our team developed this product from the perspective of those who work in the industry and with your needs in mind. When you contact our team - whether it is regarding software support, demonstrations, or with questions regarding the complexities of hedgefund and alternative investment fund accounting - we will be able to help.