Private Equity/Venture Capital

  • Capital call & distribution amounts can be automatically or manually allocated to investors
  • Generate and email capital call/distribution statements
  • Auto-generate wire confirmation emails and track capital calls outstanding
  • Single-click automated rebalancing
  • Waterfall calculation


  • Generate financial reporting with one click
  • Investor Summary includes metric for quick review of allocations
  • System generated reports support management fee and performance calculations

Investor Statements

  • Many, many different layouts to choose with customizing options
  • Combined investor statements for tranche or side pocket accounting
  • Automatically password protect individual investor statements for security
  • Output masks for investor portal uploads
  • Automated investor statement emailing utilizing your Microsoft Outlook with ability to add additional attachments

Additional Features

  • Simple setup and processing – can complete fund accounting in less than 20 minutes
  • Snapshot of broker transactions summarized on one screen
  • Master feeder with multiple tranches and detailed posting to feeder
  • Hurdles: hard, soft, blended, index-based, resetting and non-resetting
  • Series accounting with series rollup
  • Fund level status tracking

More Solutions.
Fund Administration Solutions Software
Hedge Pro Solutions
Quite simply, we want to save you time.


Fund Administration Solutions Software (FASS) integrates accounting, investor services and banking (treasury) departments into one program. Information is updated in real-time for all users, across all departments, and prevents the need for unnecessary data re-entry. User security is built-in with user access automatically limited by department type, department level, and fund assignment.

Our software allows for the ultimate level of complexity in fee calculations while still presenting a user-friendly interface.  Hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds,  hybrid funds, etc. are all covered under this one solution. So whether you're a single fund manager, outsourced CFO, or a third-party administrator, we have you covered!

We started with the idea of making fund accounting easier. In doing so, found we were able to save time spent processing each fund.

By cutting processing time, billing profit margins increased. But don't just take our word for it - request a demo! We want to show you how our software can take your staff's work to the next level!